Retro Arcade Classics

Going to the Arcades (or the video store that had a few Arcades tucked in the back) was always the preferred after school activity for a lot in the nineties, We would hurry to the Arcades to smash those buttons, do our hadokens and sonic booms and whatnot.

Jump 20 plus years, and Arcades in general have vanished like a myth with smartphones and forntite being all the craze. I wasn’t going to let that be the case and decided to build my own. Be hold my…

“Retro Arcade Classics”

where have all the gone arcades gone theses days?

The Arcade is retro based and includes 21 systems ranging from classics like Atari 2600, SNES and of course Classics Arcades games from the 90’s era. Street fighter II, mortal kombat, pac-man, you name it !

Construction took about 4 months of spare time. its running a windows 10 pc with attract mode as the front-end and yes that is a Lightgun on the side 🙂

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