About me you say?

What else can I say apart from what I feel about myself.

I feel I can be amazing, a genius with brilliant creative moments and experiences. I have seen a lot, done a lot.

However, I also feel I can be stupid, foolish and confused.

How can I be both ways?

I believe a person is more than just their strengths. If we don’t respect our flaws, our mistakes then what have we learned about ourselves really?

I go out there every day and I try my hardest possible. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose but I always learn..


School life was ok, collage was better but it wasn’t until university that I understood what I really wanted to do. “Multimedia Computing with Design for Interactive Media”. That was the name of the course I decided to embark on at the university of West London. I studied hard but after graduation I was still hungry to dig deeper into the field. After University I tough myself several other programming languages such as PHP, MySQL, Java etc. I put these skills into use by developing apps and web-based projects for small business. Over the years I also become a hardware specialist and have a CompTIA ++ Hardware Certified.

Work Life

Qualification are nice but its payslip that pay bills. I shuffled around roles in smaller business, but my professional career started in 2010 when took on the role of IT Technician at the Petchey Academy. I’ll confess I was terrified at the thought of working in a school especially in hackney, but those concerns were easily dissolved after a few short works. In fact, I would say working in a school was a blessed experience. I go to meet great people who were professionals in several different subjects. The students were undoubtedly the star of the show and being a role model and building fantastic relationships with them was a privilege. Being a part of their growths towards their life persona made me proud to be there for the 8 years I was.

After Petchey, I moved to a company called Law Business Research as an IT Helpdesk Analyst. This role was more traditional to many other IT Roles but I was the only IT staff so that meant more responsibilities. But I was a very seasoned IT Specialist by now and I faced my challenges with confidence and comfort.

My Family

will write something soon…

i’m still figuring out what else to put here but for now its all I got, i’m a simple man with simple passions:

My Photography

My Projects

My Family